Pregnancy and Birth Issues – Perinatal Counselling

What is it ?

Perinatal Counselling is counselling specifically around issues that may arise in relation to pregnancy, childbirth and the time after having a baby.

This is a time of change and challenge in many ways. At a time when we – or others – feel we should be happy and fulfilled we can find ourselves struggling in ways we had never expected. We may find it difficult to cope with these changes if there have been previous traumatic experiences around pregnancy and birth, or past experiences that make the prospect of pregnancy and delivery frightening. Managing the changes in body image as pregnancy progresses can be tough. Depression can be triggered for some of us in pregnancy as well as after the baby is born.

Talking through these issues with an appropriately experienced counsellor can help create a positive way through pregnancy and the early stages of parenthood, while working on accepting and coming to terms with past difficulties.

Sadly not all pregnancies have a happy outcome, and the loss of a baby at any stage can be a devastating experience. While we all grieve in our own way, for some people coping alone and for others seeking support of family and friends, it can be useful to talk through our feelings with someone outside our immediate circle. This can give us the opportunity to say and express exactly what we are going through in a safe, secure, non-judgemental environment in which we and our experience are valued. Working through our feelings and experiences with the support of a counsellor can help us cope with the impact of the loss and improve our ability to move forward in our life.

Who is it for ?

The Perinatal Counselling Service at CFC is for Women and Men who would like support in coping with issues relating to pregnancy such as body image issues, acceptance and adjustment to pregnancy, birth experience, pregnancy loss (miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal death), depression that is occurring in relation to pregnancy or postnatal depression and support in pregnancy following the loss of a baby.

This list is not exhaustive and if you feel you would like to discuss your issues with the Perinatal Counsellor she will be happy to see you, take you through the assessment process and work out with you the best options to provide the support you need.

Please give us a call on 0161 941 7754 if you would like to arrange to see our Perinatal Counsellor.

NEWS !! – We are planning to start a Postnatal Depression Support Group in the Centre for women affected by this issue – Please email / or call 0161 941 7754 if you would be interested or have any comments or suggestions.