Individual family members or the whole family can access counselling. We do not work directly with the addict but if they are in stable on-going recovery or in specialised treatment elsewhere they can join the family in counselling.

It is sometimes difficult to recognise that the family of an addicted person might need professional help as the focus is often on the person using. Some family members may say things like:

“It’s not me with the problem, it’s his or her using that is the issue”.

Addiction can take over a person’s life. Unfortunately it is common for the family members of addicts to be overlooked in the rehabilitation process. Support for the family of addicts is crucial; not only for the individual family members, but for addicts themselves to give them a stable and caring base to rely on, enabling a quicker and more successful recovery and on-going treatment.

We understand that someone using substances can affect the whole family and how people behave and relate to each other. Often the family members suffering goes unnoticed or can be viewed as not as important as the ‘addicted persons’. We recognise that the family as a whole, or individual family members can start to become emotionally unwell due to the stress of caring for their loved one who is using.

We realise how stressful it is for you living with or being in relationship with someone who is using.  It can be hard to know if what you’re doing is really helping and how much you are affected by someone else’s behaviour. We can help you identify and understand your role in the addict’s recovery, but even more crucially help you to bring emotional wellbeing back into your own and your family’s life.  We will support you to maintain direction and control of your life.

Weekly support group

Family groups are there for people who say yes to any of the following questions:

  • Is your life affected by the substance misuse of a family member or friend?
  • Do you think that maybe you can sort everything out with TLC?
  • Are you hoping that the problem will go away?
  • Do you feel hurt when happy occasions are spoilt or when promises to change are broken?
  • Do you sometimes feel guilty thinking you might be to blame?
  • Do you feel frightened of how it could all end?

At our family groups you will be warmly welcomed by people who understand you. Meetings are friendly and confidential. The wear and tear on individuals exposed to substance misuse cannot be under estimated and the support of others can really help you. Nobody can wave a magic wand and stop substance misuse, but you can help yourself and the person you care about by learning how to handle the situation. Sharing a problem brings relief and you don’t feel so lost or alone.

Take strength from knowing that recovery for everyone is spreading – changing one’s life can and does happen. Family group are there for you so come along. Its free and hopefully it will give you the lift and support you need.

When are the Family Groups?

There is a Concerned Other Family Group held every Wednesday at 7pm at Counselling and Family Centre. You do not need to make an appointment, just turn up and join the group.

Appointments are from 9.00am to 9.00pm Monday to Thursday, 9.00am – 4.00pm on Fridays.
To make an appointment call us on 0161 941 7754, email or just drop by the Centre. Out of office hours there is a confidential answer service. Leave a message – we will always get back to you.